Angler Stories

It's the experience, It' the memories, It' why we love to fish. The anticipation and expectation, The hope of beating your personal best rods doubling and reels screaming and stories to share of the one that got away.


It's adventure, It's the journey, It's why we live to fish, It's not only about the destination, It' about the voyage of discovery to go new places and see new things to be a part of the great outdoors.


At FishWinner Tradelink we specialize in the development and manufacture of high quality products. With a focus on artificial lure fishing, we look at what works, modify to improve and innovate to progress.With many years of experience in the fishing tackle import, export and domestic wholesale trade, we have extensive knowledge of the industry. Having in the past only dealt with what was available to us, the next logical step was to start developing what we want. This resulted in a shift in our focus to the international market of product development and manufacturing.Currently we specialize in salt and fresh water artificial lures, including soft baits, hard baits and metal baits We have over 50 production molds covering the three different categories, with more being added on a monthly basis. Each one of our products goes through months of designing, refining and testing to ensure a quality end product. We also work closely with our customers to develop or modify our products based on their individual needs, so you get what you want. We have an extensive color reference available but customized colors are also welcomed.

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